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Best New Car Features

If you planning to get a car there are some new features to definitely look out for that are trending at the moment. Cars now offer more than just transport means thanks to innovative technologies. There are cool features that make the car a complete package. Here are the new should you expect to find in your next car.1. Bluetooth Connectivity

Cars are becoming more connected to our devices and Bluetooth is one the connection options cars now have. Bluetooth enables you to play music saved on your smartphone and play best casino sites online games when you not driving or any mobile device in your car. The car automatically connects to the device once the Bluetooth is on. Moreover, Bluetooth in the car now perform more functions like start the engine, make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and diagnose your engine problems among others.

Automobile companies such as Volvo plan to take the Bluetooth connection in cars to the next level. Volvo wants to replace keys with your smartphone and the vehicle and phone will connect via Bluetooth to lock and unlock your car.2. Wi-Fi and 4G Connectivity 

Most new cars being made now have Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity options. Your car becomes a hotspot and you can use all devices you want. The infotainment in the car can also connect to it to allow you to browse the internet, stream music and videos. This is so cool since we spend more time on the internet these days playing real money casino games online and do other entertaining staff. 3. Find a parking Spot

This feature is mainly found in new BMW models. Finding parking in a busy city is really difficult sometimes but new car models make it easier for you. Cars are equipped with a Parkmobile app that helps drivers to reserve parking spots in the US and Canada. All you have to use your GPS and it gives you parking lots around your destination. The app will soon expand its services to different cities around the world soon.  

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