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Most Awesome Easter Eggs in GTA 2

GTA is one of the best video games to ever been released. This is because it comes with a lot of action that keeps you engaged throughout gameplay. In GTA 5, you get to see plenty of easter eggs. In fact, GTA 5 has some of the best secret easter eggs that players can enjoy. We list a few of them below so that you can check them out when you’ve finished playing your favourite real money casino games.

No Country For Old Men

It is located in the Northwest part of the map. What happens there really? Well, players should know that they are in for a random scene that takes place in the movie No Country for Old Men. In fact, the scene is taken from the movie. There is a gross number of dead bodies and some large amounts of cash. 

Thelma & Louise

Take note of the 7 pm recreation that takes place in the last parts of the Thelma and Louise plays. It goes on to play on the cliff near Trevor’s helipad, this is where it all goes down. Be on the lookout for two female characters that are in a police vehicle, and the best way to manipulate this is by driving above the edge. Make sure that you don’t turn them in because doing so will spoil the whole operation. 

John Marsten is Your Online Dad

By fiddling your line of age, a player is able to obtain Red Dead Redemption. This is a hero by the name John Marston. If the online casino for us game continues, this hero figure appears to be your father, which is how you can obtain the best there is in this easter egg. 

Playboy Mansion

What is the playboy Mansion? Well, Los Santos has a big house that has all the values of the Play Mansion. The finely tailored grotto swimming area, decorated with some half-clothed women, makes the whole scene a Playboy Mansion. 

Tapdancing Hillbilly

This is one of the best easter eggs there is in Grand Theft Auto. You get to enjoy real tap dancing by Jesco White. The whole scene becomes appropriate when a real-time music plays in the background. There is a Rockstar edge to everything, making players eligible for the detailed reputation. 

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