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The Best Song from TikTok Challenges

Tik tok is now one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. And, there have been plenty dance challenges that you can get to try out during your free time from online blackjack games.  It all started with the tootsie slide from drake, and the world went crazy afterwards. Here are some of the songs that we think are the best songs that we got to know from Tik tok.

Savage Love

This has to be one of the biggest Tik Tok songs ever made. The challenge was started off bysinger Jason Derulo back in 2020 and it literally had everyone jumping into it from different backgrounds and ages. The dances to the song were a little bit simple and straight forward. But you will find that there were a lot of modifications that would be added to it to make it more fun and original.

Don’t Rush

The song by Young T & Bugsey had some of the biggest Tik tok transformations. In fact, it might must be the song that made a lot of people go to Tik Tok in the first place. Here, you could get to learn one or two things about fashion. The challenge ended up going   being a girls versus boys challenge. And it ranged from a large number of things fashion, make up, hair, and so many more.

U Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer was brought back to style on Tik Tok and online casino real money usa , but this time, the song comes with a few variations to it. The best part about this challenge is that you can get to do is with your close family and friends. The reason why this trend was quite popular is because it was done by the popular basketball player, Lebron James. After that, everyone started bopping to the song as well and it was a major hit on Tik tok afterwards.

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