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How online casinos have developed with internet improvements

There’s no doubt that the online casino market is only getting stronger as the internet develops greater user capabilities. Current trends in tech such as AI and Blockchain are already transforming the landscape of online gambling today but how else have online casinos like the ones at improved recently at the hand of web developments? We have explored the online casino strategies and value offerings that have been influenced by changes in recent tech, stay tuned till the end to see our 21st Century gambling tech predictions.

The most outstanding improvement that the internet has brought online casinos is unquestionably the luxury of convenience. The ability to have an entire poker table available at your fingertips, or the power to hit the slots from the comfort of your own sofa is a real game changer in the casino industry. Gone are the days where in order to win big you had to travel miles or arrange accommodation at your favourite casino. In an increasingly cashless society, the option to gamble online makes the experience adds to the convenience benefits of online casino platforms. Having an online presence allows customers greater choice as to where and how they place their bets – a development that has saved the industry this pandemic with physical casinos being forcedto close in accordance with lockdown restrictions. 

Moving away from the high street

Once casinos upload their capabilities onto the world wide web they are no longer restricted by square footage, location or time. Customers now have unlimited access to a world of players and are able to place bets at whatever time they please. Despite the never-ending benefits this may bring to casino companies in the form of higher volumes of business and a greater number of customers, it does increase the threat from neighbouring competition. Now customers can flick between casino companies at a simple click now that promotional prices and offers are so easily accessible and widely advertised through web developments such as the rise of social media and the invention of push notifications and the mobile app. This competition has brought further healthy development to the online gambling landscape, however, as casino companies compete to provide users with the best range of games and playing capabilities. Gamblers now have a greater choice of casino games than ever before and this range is only expanding. 

In the fight over online customers, casino companies are forced to increase their value offering to include not only a greater volume of promotions and offers, but also greater quality graphics and in-play capabilities. In an age where image is everything, this is incredibly important and it has led to the development of increasingly addictive games and greater in-game and in-app user experience. Now users on certain platforms like 888 casino can place bets on multiple poker tables at once and scroll back through play history to learn more about how their rivals are betting to better judge their chances of winning. 

The move to VR

But looking to the future what can we predict will happen to the online world of casinos? The biggest tech trends applicable to the industry right now are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and VR. Artificial intelligence is already being used on most casino platforms in the form of either a chat bot to assist with customer service should users encounter any problems but it is more notably being used to offer users automated bots to play with rather than real people. For those new to multiplayer casino games this can remove any intimidation and help ease new players in the rules and the dynamics of the games. As for Blockchain, the technology will revolutionise the way people gamble online with the nature of the tech being de-centralised and transparent. Blockchain is the 2020’s antidote to the rise of cybercrime that fuels many fears over gambling online, especially with greater amounts of money. Trends going further into the 21st Century will see an increasing number of gamblers using cryptocurrencies to stake their bets. 

VR will see online casinos enter a completely new realm entirely but with the trend having been promised to explode for a few years now the surety of the trend’s success is still unsure. Developers promise a greater immersive experience with the experience harking players back to traditional velvet-lined casinos from the comfort of your own home. This is in an effort to capitalise on the social gambling trend and the ever blurring line between gaming and gambling that has seen players on platforms like Fortnite spend hours gaming to have a shot at winning big in the grand tournaments.

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