Gratitude Helps During Adversity

Gratitude helps during adversity. 

When You Fail To Feel Gratitude

The quote, “you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” holds true of its meaning when you fail to feel gratitude towards close elements of your life.

What Hurts You Today Makes You Stronger Tomorrow

We follow passion most of the time. But it's not always passion that matters. It's how much of a impact you're making in the world while doing your work that matters. If what you do doesn't impact the world, at least in a small way, then there's very little importance of that work in the…

Lessons from Crying Guy

I was sitting alongside the street watching vehicles pass by when I saw a guy stop his bike. He stopped and stood there for sometime until a woman arrived (who he had probably been waiting for). As soon as she arrived, he started crying. He walked out of his bike and kept standing on the roadside crying. They talked…