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Twinge of Responsibility

I have been writing blog posts frequently. I have no idea how many people read it.

Some days ago Radhika posted a blog post called “What am I consuming?”

I saw my website listed there. Almost all other websites are of people who I think highly of. As soon as I saw that she was also consuming my website, I felt a twinge of responsibility. I felt heavy.

If people are reading my work and regarding it highly, I shouldn’t write crap. I felt that I couldn’t write crap posts anymore. I need to write high quality posts which has the potential to help my readers, at least in a small way.

But honestly, is that state of mind good for creating anything?


I entered the mindset of “I need to write only high quality posts”.

What it implies is that I’m thinking how other’s will judge my work. How they will react after reading my posts.

That’s the reactive state of mind on work.

Every good art or creation comes from within, without the reactive state of mind working. You should let your creativity flow without thinking about the external stimuli. If I push too hard to produce high quality stuff, I won’t be able to. It should flow without any pressure.

Don’t work under pressure. If you realize you’re giving yourself lots of pressure, move away from it and let your inner creativity flow.