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Wrong Decision is Better Than No Decision

Usually we avoid making decision when we are unsure of the immediate environment and outcome of the event. We don’t want to make wrong decision. So we stay on the safe side and not make any decision, or just wait for the perfect moment to make the right decision. But in general practice, wrong decision is…

Good Bye 2016

Drifting Away Towards Fog

Last photo for 2016 and marks the end of my 365 days photo project. I basically posted one photo everyday for the year of 2016. I initially thought it wasn’t possible, but did it anyway.

Just when I try to leave 2016 on a good note, I read this quote, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

……and I’ve just reached 365 photos. Gotta go a long way still, and I hope it’ll be worth it in the end.

Thank you for supporting my work, even in a small way!


Looking Back at 2016

LOOKING BACK AT 2016 To avoid any preconceived notion about me, I resisted posting anything on Facebook except photographs. Starting today, that will change. That's one goal I have for 2017. Photographs are safe bet. It's hard to judge anyone based on their photographs compared to written posts. My goal for 2016 was to complete…

Learning to Choose Influence

It's 6:25 AM in the morning. It's been more than a year I haven't written anything this early. I used to write during the time when writing was my main focus. My focus has shifted from writing to photography since then. One thing I've realized during this transition is that influence matters a lot. When…

When You Begin A Game

WHEN YOU BEGIN A GAME… Dr. Pulsipher – “When you begin a game, you must first learn something about each of your opponents. Sometimes you will know quite a bit to begin with, but you can also ask people who know the opponent better than you do. You want to know if your opponent is…

Doing Lots of Different Things

I have been going through lots of change in my life right now. I've grown past my old self. Writing was very important goal for me some years ago. It still is, but other interests like photography and film-making is taking over it. There's always a change in perspective and interests in life. If not,…

Not Taking Strong Stands

As I was going through the front page of my blog, I came across this article that I wrote some month ago: Never Loan Money to Friends. I read it again. Realized that I should not have taken such a strong stand on it even though it's true to some extent. I like not taking…