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Thoughts on Depression and Suicide

Suicide is fascinating. Especially those that involves depression.

Why would anyone want to end their life. I always thought about it.

I realized why they do it. This reasoning doesn’t include everybody, of course. Everyone end their lives in a different way for a different reason.

Most depressive people seek medical help and start taking meds. Understanding this is simple. They want solution for depression. They research and learn that they need to socialize more, be active and involve themselves in something particular. They start doing all of those things. It doesn’t work right away. Some people find no change even after they continue to follow those guidelines.

However, they still have hope with the meds. Most depressive people just feel low most of the time. It’s hard for them to change their thoughts and feelings. So meds help in some way.

They keep on searching for solutions. Solutions to help them set free from depression. They just want that feeling to end and set themselves free from depression. When all that fails, they search for the last solution to remove depression from their lives – to kill themselves. Once that happens, they don’t have to deal with depression anymore.

It’s not that they wanted to kill themselves. It’s the battle against depression that tried to win. When nothing works, they take that as the final option. And depression can’t bother them anymore. That’s how they think. Atleast from what I know.

Like I said, this definitely doesn’t include everybody. Just some part of the suicide cases. I just like to figure out why they do it and this is the closest I came to figuring that out. I kept myself in the shoes of depressive people and thought about it. I kept thinking until I found a solution. When everything fails, suicide happens to be the last resort to remove depression from their life.

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