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Fighting Resistance

I’m sure resistance will hit up someday soon. It always does. How you handle resistance will determine your success.

It’s same for gym, life or any new habit you start for that matter. Resistance to go to the gym. Resistance to complete your project. Resistance to eat only healthy food. Resistance to study. Etc.

Resistance is inevitable.

At this point, I’m just wondering how well equipped I am at handling resistance now compared to a decade ago. There are few things I look upon people to determine how successful they are at life. One such element is overcoming resistance – doing things even when you don’t feel like doing it.

That’s the biggest predictor for success. If any person has that attribute my respect for them goes up automatically. This is the habit I have been trying to cultivate for a long time.

I have been successful at times but failed most times because of my fatigue issues. It hindered my ability to perform tasks on a regular basis.

Hence, I’m using gym as a tool to help me get past it. And the first step is going to the gym daily even when I don’t feel like it. Getting past the resistance first and creating the habit. After that, it should flow easy. Just worried I’ll give up when the resistance hits.

As I am writing this, a post by Sebastian Marshall comes to mind, “Punch that wall a few times.” He says, “You’re not stuck until you’ve taken every step up to the barrier, and tried to break through.”

Simply put, when any sort of barrier arrives between you and your goal, punch that wall of barrier few times before you give up. The most successful people do every action they can take right up until hitting a barrier, and try to break through the barrier at least a couple times before stopping to analyze or ask for help.

Often you’ll discover the solution yourself as you do the work. In the rare instances that you don’t, all the work and momentum you’ve built makes you credible — and makes it easy to ask and get a helping hand.

Remember this: if you see a wall on the horizon, march right up to it. And take at least a couple shots to knock it over before you’re discouraged.

Don’t ignore the barriers. Do give them thought. But never at the expense of doing the work.

Photo is of the gym I took early morning today while cycling. Didn’t exercise much since I had to leave early. Maybe 15-20 minutes total because I didn’t want to skip. Wanted to show up even when I didn’t feel like going. I would have skipped couple of months ago at this same condition, but not anymore.

What about you? How do you experience resistance? Have you been able to get past it? I would love to hear your thoughts on the comment below.

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