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I resisted eating sweets and sugar for a long time. I was even comfortable avoiding it. But today, I ate lots of sweets.

Today morning I had lots of sweets in my kitchen. I went there, couldn’t resist, just ate it up like crazy.

Now that I’ve ate it, I feel bad.

I ate everything that was for me. I actually could resist it. But today I failed at it.

It all happened because of the environment. It was very bad environment for me to resist sweets. Everything was just right in front of me. It was so easy and accessible that I couldn’t say no. I just ate it.

So it’s always necessary that you design your environment according to your goal. Maybe you don’t want to eat sweet foods, maybe you don’t want to drink alcohol, maybe you are trying hard to forget something.

Always make sure you don’t have anything in your environment that triggers a need for something you don’t want to fall on.

If you are trying to stop smoking, don’t keep cigarettes near you. If you are trying to consume healthy foods, substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones. And make sure you have healthy foods within your reach.

Don’t ever think you’ll be able to consume healthy foods with unhealthy foods within your reach.

The only reason I ate those sweets was because it was easily accessible.

The first thing to do if you want to eat healthy foods is to throw away unhealthy foods and never bring it within your reach.

If you bring it within your reach, there’s high chance you’ll consume it. Trust me, you’ll have thousands of reasons to try it. “It’s just this time.” “I won’t die if I eat this.” “The world won’t end if I eat that.” “You should listen to your heart. So eat it.” “You only live once, why not devour this food.”

The excuses you’ll bring are endless. And it all happens only after you see the food. So the best strategy is to keep it out of your reach.

Having unhealthy foods within your reach makes you fall short on your healthy eating quest. But you can also use the same effect to create healthy eating habits.

Just keep healthy foods within your reach. So when you feel hungry, you’ll eat the healthy ones.

If you want to establish good habits, make your environment favorable for it. Design it accordingly. If not, there’s high chance you’ll fall short on your goals just like I did.

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  1. Wowww…! Found this post just when i needed it..Actually was in two minds regarding an addiction..but glad i read this..A big salute to you..

    • I’m glad you found it when you needed it.

      Hope it’ll help you establish good habits.

      Just curious: How did you find this? (It’ll make easier for me to brainstorm how to get it out to the masses)


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