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Longing For That Accomplishment

I don’t know what’s going on in specific direction. I’m everywhere right now. Shooting photos and videos. Building websites. Meeting people. Dreaming big.

I’m doing many things right now being hopeful for the future. I’m trying to hang out with executioners instead of the talkers. I spent almost a decade hanging around people who don’t execute much. It was very difficult to accomplish anything.

Right now, I believe I’m around people who actually get things done, and I’m very excited about that. I’m just switching sides. Less of ideas and more of execution.

This has been a pretty hard journey for me personally. A decade ago, I thought I’d have accomplished something big by now. But I’m nowhere. That kind of hurts, but I’ve also learned to accept it.

I’m at peace now knowing that everything will work out in the end. However, some part of me is still longing for that accomplishment. So, it’s a difficult spot for me to explain.

Anyway, I just wanted to stay updated on that front. I’ll try keeping this place updated as my life moves on.

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