Layers of Resistance: How To Get Rid of It

The biggest breakthrough for me while meditating has been to get rid of the resistance I face everyday. However, in doing so, I started taking it too seriously and made myself aware when I was resisting the emotion. Since I was too aware of it, I started to resist the resistance itself. And now I had…

April Fools Day: How to Take Advantage

It's always a good idea to take advantage of situation that's around you. Today, for example, is April 1st. Usually people play 'April Fools.' However, instead of just playing 'April Fools', you could use it to your advantage. You could, for example, confess everything to everyone. If somebody doesn't like it, then just say, "April…

New Habits: Elements of Habit Creation

Writing anything was effortless for me some years ago, but now it feels like a daunting task. To get perspective, I started to review my motivations and inspirations back then. Why it was so easy for me to write anything back then. After thinking for sometime, I figured there were many elements helping me write…

FutureMe: E-mail To Your Future Self

Some days ago, I received an e-mail for myself that I wrote some years ago. It was approximately 3 years ago. I was surprised. First of all, I never thought I'd ever get that e-mail. Even if I did, I already forgot about it. I wrote that and forgot about it. But I did give…

How I Made Whispering The Moon Image

I was not sure what to post on the sixth day of my photo project. I was going through my photo feed on VSCO, and I saw an image I took in Khokana.

I took it some months ago while I was visiting the place with my friends.

Whispering the Moon

I was not sure how to edit, so I thought of converting it to black and white first through the VSCO app.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

After that, I played with different tools to make it darker and more visually interesting.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Gave it some finishing touch in the end.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

I was not satisfied with the image, I wanted to add something. So I went ahead to the tangent app and added a round shape in the original image.

Whispering the Moon 5

I didn’t like the shape. Went ahead with another one.

Whispering the Moon 6

Loved this shape. The middle point was in the person standing in the middle of the ground. It made it look visually satisfying.

After that, all I needed to do was convert into black and white similar to the one that I did in the beginning and then add moon to the background. I was inspired to add props–moon–in the image by reading this interview of Jill Emmer.

Here’s the final image:

Whispering the Moon

I hope you found this post helpful.

There’s only one thing that I regret. Not taking a screencast of all the process. I could have made a video walking through exactly what I did.

If you liked this image, I post them regularly on my Instagram. And also on my Facebook page and Facebook account.

Here’s the list of apps I used to edit this image:

  1. VSCO App
  2. VSCO Film for Lightroom
  3. Tangent App
  4. Adobe Photoshop CC
  5. Adobe Lightroom 5


Write Anyway

I clicked on write a new post some time ago, and closed that window because I didn't want to write anything. I want to, but I can't. After sometime, I was like, "I don't want to write, but let's write anyway." It's like there's something stopping me from writing. Maybe my fear of writing a…

Build Habits First

2016 started and I missed the first two days of blogging. Usually I freak out if I won't write anything on the first two days of the new year. It would  be a great start of the year and help me kick start my daily writing habits. But I removed those possibilities by not writing…

A Day in Bhaktapur During Dashain 2015

I had been editing this video since I recorded it. But for some reason I was not able to complete editing it. Yesterday, I worked on it and then uploaded it on YouTube.

I’m not completely happy with the video. But if I try to make it perfect, then I know I’ll never release it. That’s the biggest problem I face all the time. I try and make something perfect, and never work on it.

Instead of doing that, it’s way better to work on it and ship it as you complete editing.

There are different techniques I wish I used while making the video. I’ve found many mistakes. But I think of them as happy mistakes.

Next time, my video will improve because I’ll start to make less mistakes. The more and more video I make, the better I will become.

I uploaded the video, and thought of naming it, “A day in Bhaktapur during Dashain 2015.” I mostly find it difficult to name my files or videos.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video. 🙂