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To avoid any preconceived notion about me, I resisted posting anything on Facebook except photographs. Starting today, that will change. That’s one goal I have for 2017.

Photographs are safe bet. It’s hard to judge anyone based on their photographs compared to written posts.

My goal for 2016 was to complete the 365 days photo project which I started on Jan 1st, 2016. And it’s ending today. That’s huge accomplishment for me, personally.

Beyond that, there’s this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

And that’s what’s on my mind before saying good bye to 2016. That’s one quote I practically experienced this year.

If you have people against you, that’s a good thing. If that doesn’t happen sooner in life, you’ll have to bear it’s effect later.

For example, If you never lose money, you won’t know the necessary steps to preserve it better. It’s only after you’ve lost it, that you start to think of better ways to secure it.

In the same way, if there is no one against you ever, then you won’t learn how to deal with enemies and haters later in life. It’s good that you have people that are trying to bring you down RIGHT NOW. You need to be happy those people exist in your life. People who can’t deal with these stuff later in life, usually commit suicide because they see no way out. But when these stuff happen early in life, you learn to deal with it effectively and move on.

The more they try to destroy you, the stronger you become – both emotionally and mentally. There’s always a silver lining to everything in life. Road blocks are necessary, and important for your growth in every possible way.

Next time someone tries to bring you down or goes against you, remember that it’s that exact moment that will help you move forward. Once that happens, you level up.

2016 specifically taught me that.

Thank you enemies and haters that helped me learn a lot in 2016. I hope I’ll be able to carry on and make 2017 even better.

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