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Learning to Not Regret

We usually end up in situation where every possible path we can take leads to regret. Whatever you do, you’ll regret at the end just to realize if taking the other path would lead somewhere better.

There are two things that can happen when you choose a road: Either you’ll regret, or you wont. And almost always, we regret. We wished to have done this instead of that. You can’t stop regretting. I wish I had done this instead of that.

But what’s funny is that you’d regret if you’d done that instead of this. I like to see the act of regretting as a part of muscle, just like idea muscle. If we keep exercising it, it will grow stronger and stronger.

For example, a person who regrets a lot will regret on everything regardless of the decision s/he makes. The person won’t be satisfied with anything. Everything just leads to regret.

If you buy a blue car, you wish to have bought a white car. If you buy a white car, you wish to have bought a blue car. Regret just lives with you.

I figured this happen to me. Whatever I do eventually leads to regret. If I buy a small mobile phone, I wish I’d bought a bigger one. And if I buy a bigger mobile phone, I wish I’d bought a smaller one. Nothing satisfies me.

To stop regretting, I started thinking of not exercising the regret muscle. For that, I not only try and not regret my decision, but also make regretful decision and try to not regret it.

If I know I’ll regret buying white shirt, I’ll buy white shirt and try to not regret. It’s difficult, but with time, I guess I’ll get better at it.

By doing things that will make me regret, I’m learning to not regret.

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