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It’s Difficult to Come Back

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Last week, I joined a 6 day happiness course. It was intense and fun. I was solely focused on it. I didn’t do anything except for stuff relating to that course. Which means, I didn’t write, speak on camera, program, move projects forward, etc.

I did nothing. I was solely focused on that course because I wanted to take everything I can from the course.

If you live, breathe and eat with only one goal in mind, there’s high chance you’ll succeed. So, I thought of doing the same with the course .

The course went well.

However, I felt very weak during the last day of the course – which was Saturday. My throat started paining and I fell sick the next day.

After that, it’s been 5 days, and I’m still sick. I can barely write this, but I’m writing.

What I noticed during this period is that, it’s incredibly difficult to come back. It’s easier to leave your habit, but very difficult to get it back. You have to struggle more than the first time you set it your habit because you are now dealing with the resistance as well.

You know how you feel when you establish a habit, and how you felt while  on a running streak. But now, you don’t have that. You need to struggle and hustle from zero – the very base.

While you start out, you don’t have to deal with that because you really don’t know how it feels when you have established that particular habit.

This is resistance. Resistance is wishing the reality to be something different than what it’s now.

Most people who retire can never get back to what they were doing because of the same reason. Once you retire and you’re gone, you’re gone forever. It takes tremendous amount of willpower to get back, and very less people succeed in it.

The major takeaway here is that you need to keep doing what you do even when things seem difficult for you. Don’t just stop doing it.

I should have been writing even if I joined the course. You must have noticed a huge gap in my blog posts. I used to post daily and it’s been nearly a week and a half I haven’t posted.

As a result, I’m struggling to post this.

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