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Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Krishna Tower

Long time since I last wrote a post. Lots of activities can occur within a tiny second. People die and babies are born. And I’ve been lost for nearly a month.

I just fell. I fell short on my blogging goal.

Looking back, January has been my worst month blogging, I’ve always blogged at least once a week, which amounts to 4 blogs per month on average. But I let it go this month.

For the excuse, I was sick, I was distracted and I was focused entirely on something else.

Even if I was focused on something else, I used to write blog posts, but I couldn’t this time. Or I didn’t.

The good news is that I’m back. And I’m posting on a regular schedule.

However, even though I didn’t write a blog post or send you e-mail newsletters, I didn’t stop writing altogether. I always wrote private journals (I can’t imagine not writing that).

It took lots of time for me to come back to this writing position. I don’t know what happened. Why I stopped writing blog posts.

You’ve probably been in this type of situation where you can’t explain yourself what happened. You might have some project you’ve wanted to do, but you fell short on your goal.

The same happened to me and I’m conscious about it.

I fell down and now I’m making sure that I’ll stand up.

It’s not bad to fall. Just make sure that if you fall seven times, you stand up eight times. It’s a Japanese proverb which reminds me to stand up every time I fall.

Fall seven times, stand up eight is all about the ‘never say die’ attitude. It means getting back up every time you get knocked down, fall down, or otherwise end up feeling down. Even if you start feeling like one of those inflatable punching bags the little kids use, you have to get back up.

It also infers that the only way you can lose is to not get back up. If you go down and stay there, that is the only path to a sure defeat. While you are still able to get back up, there is still hope, however slim it might seem.

And that’s what it’s about. Getting back up, no matter what. Over and over and over again. Until you win. Until the procrastination side of you gets tired of swinging, or loses interest and wanders off. You just don’t stop until you have what you set out to achieve.

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