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Stop and Think for Sometime

If you’re into productivity, it’s very important that you understand when you’re procrastinating and not completing your work. It’s because most of it occurs unconsciously.

Today morning I opened my laptop with a mission to complete all the work and make the day productive. I started great and somewhere at the middle (I don’t know when) I started to surf Facebook and read other blogs because I didn’t want to complete my work. It was too challenging and boring at the same time. So, I would browse tumblr to see what new cool features they’ve added and think how to integrate foursquare on my blog and all.

I just kept procrastinating, and while doing so, I figured that I just keep surfing the net mindlessly when I don’t want to work.

So, here’s what I did and what worked for me.

As soon as I identify that I’m procrastinating and not being so productive, I close my laptop — even if it’s in the middle of something important — and move out for a walk.

When I come back, I see everything with a fresh set of eyes and I’ll have more energy, which keeps me focused on the work .

If I don’t stop whatever I’m doing right away, then I’ll continue to do what I’m doing. If I’m surfing Facebook, I’ll keep surfing it. Or get distracted through it. Even if I start to work, I’ll not be able to make full use of time because I won’t be so productive.

Hence, It’s very important that you stop and think for sometime. Think what’s that you’re doing and what you need to do. If you see a huge difference between the two, stop and go out to take a walk. You don’t have to necessarily take a walk, you can drink water, chill and do whatever you wish to.

That’ll freshen you up for a bit and then you can go back to what you were doing or what you want to complete.

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