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Yesterday I Bought This Domain:

Yesterday, on November 30th, I bought this domain (edit: I imported these posts from to from I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy or not. The only reason I bought this domain was because it was available for discount due to black Friday. It cost $6 and some cents, which I don’t remember.

I don’t know what I’ll do with this. I don’t have a concrete plan. But, I’m going with this as far as I can. I’ll write daily, and post whatever I can. It’s going to be my life journals. I wanted to do this long time ago, but haven’t done it yet.

Today happens to be December 1st as well. So, I feel like it’s a good time to start this blog.

Until now, I’m thinking of creating a Facebook page called and then auto post all my posts on there. I was thinking of posting it on my normal Facebook account as well, but not sure because there are many people and everyone may not like it.

I haven’t looked back and tried to make changes to my writing above. Usually I try to re-write before I even write properly, which makes it pretty difficult for me to write a long post. This is the exact reason why I’m not able to blog frequently on

This will be my place to post all sorts of personal stuff, and anything that relates to self development will go on

I have failed trying to do many things because I try and plan everything well in the beginning. But I think the real way to start is to just write and then let it grow itself. So, I’m not sharing any of this, just posting. And with time, I’ll see how this will grow.

I wasn’t supposed to be writing right now. I was supposed to meet a friend and just hang out with him. He had called, but I said I need to get my writing done first. This is a great dilemma. Whether to place your friends first or your daily goals.

I want to have a productive morning, but everyday I ruin it by going somewhere. Just now as I was writing this, my friend called and asked me where I am. I said I’m coming to meet him.

I need to create a strict morning routine from now onwards. I’ll do everything to track it here. I hope I won’t miss my writing schedule from tomorrow.

Bye bye for now, going to meet my friend. He must be waiting…..

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