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First of October is the Stepping Stone for Second of October

That time of the month again. First of October. I almost didn’t write this blog post because it was late and I had nothing in mind.

But instead, I thought this would be the stepping stone for tomorrow’s blog post. If I missed today, there would be no obligation for me to try and write tomorrow. So, I’m creating streak from today so tomorrow I will be more likely to post something.

As I have been writing in the past, it’s the momentum that gets anything going. I was about to shut my laptop and go to sleep. But instead, I decided to write this. And since I started writing some words, I have written three paragraphs already.

I just need to get this off my list and I can think for tomorrow. It’s not that I need to write on 1st of the month. It’s just that I find it easier to start writing everyday from the 1st of the month. It helps build streak.

I did write once that when you start doesn’t matter. Start whenever the motivation strikes. And for me, it’s right now. The first of the month. In this case, October.

Happy October!

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