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The initial step is the most important because it has the power to determine the course of our destination.

In the same way, I have been thinking of the initial step in writing regularly. Today morning, I had an idea, I knew I was going to write about it. But I can’t write about it now.


Simple. Because I forgot.

That’s the first step I need to get right – note ideas.

As soon I get an idea, I need to write about it somewhere. If not, I won’t remember it. I have tried remembering lots of time, but I’ve always failed.

Today morning I thought that there’s no way I’m going to forget that, but I forgot. It’s the same. You need to write down your ideas somewhere, because you don’t, you’ll forget it.

That’s my first step. To write my ideas down so that I can write a blog post everyday. If not, on a regular interval.

I didn’t think of that first step today. It was there before, and it is there now. I just went back in time and thought about my first step in writing. I figured about writing down my thoughts.

What’s your first step? Figure it out.

If you are a photographer, maybe your first step is to charge your batteries and empty your SD card, because without it, you won’t be able to shoot, no matter what.

Think back and start with the initial step. You’ll build momentum in no time. If you ever go out of momentum again, just go back to the initial step.

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