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New Habits: Elements of Habit Creation

Writing anything was effortless for me some years ago, but now it feels like a daunting task. To get perspective, I started to review my motivations and inspirations back then. Why it was so easy for me to write anything back then.

After thinking for sometime, I figured there were many elements helping me write everyday.

1. Reading Blogs: I used to read lots of blog posts. I had subscribed almost all the self-improvement blogs that I could find. I would read every one of them everyday. I wouldn’t miss even a single day. It used to be my habit. Before that, I used to skim newspaper, but after I stopped reading newspaper, I started to read blogs.

2. Meeting Writers: I met Niall and started spending time with him when he was here back in 2012. I got to monitor his daily habits closely and he used to take writing very seriously. He used to write 1000 words daily in the morning. And if he did miss the morning, he would write in the evening or whenever he could. I found it inspiring.

3. Touch Typing Competition: I wanted to increase my touch typing speed. So since I was touch typing everyday, it felt easier to write blog posts and other stuff. Writing also helped me increase my touch typing speed.

4. Debating: I used to debate on various topics on my Facebook profile. I loved Zeitgeist the movie and would debate with capitalists. I hated religion for some reason, and would debate on religion too. I used to write lots of stuff on Facebook. Sometimes as a time pass and sometimes for the cause.

5. Spending online time with Writers: I was almost spending 80% of my online time with writers from other blogs. I used to visit and go to the community section. Try to find like minded people.

6. Thought Processing: I used to think a lot. Almost always. It was very difficult for me to stop my thought process. So to get rid of my thoughts, I’d write it down. It would help me clear up.

Now, as I’m thinking about all this, there’s nothing I do right now that helps me to write. I do none of the above things. I don’t read blogs, I don’t meet writers, I don’t play touch typing competition, I don’t debate, I don’t process my thoughts.

It’s crazy, but I’m starting to learn how you have elements in creating a habit. I probably also have lots of elements that’s making me brush my teeth every night. It’s a habit, but it must be supported by other elements.

Let’s think of some elements that’s helping me support my brushing habit.

  1. Fear of teeth pain.
  2. Fear of becoming unhygienic.
  3. Fear of spending lots of money in the dentists.

Actually I’ll stop here. Figured out it’s all just fear of something for my brushing habit.

Maybe you need to start thinking in terms of elements while creating new habits. Start creating a support base for your main habit.

So, for example, if you want to create a habit of running in the morning, start by waking up early. Just wake up early first. And then keep your running shoes by your side. And slowly start by walking.

Then you’ll slowly start to run. And it’ll become your habit.

So as I’m writing all this, I’m starting to create a habit for writing everyday.

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