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It’s 6:25 AM in the morning. It’s been more than a year I haven’t written anything this early.

I used to write during the time when writing was my main focus. My focus has shifted from writing to photography since then.

One thing I’ve realized during this transition is that influence matters a lot. When I was writing everyday, I was close to writers. Currently, I have photography friends who I’m close with.

Influence is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. For me, it has helped a lot in the past few years, however, there are times when I feel like I lost my previous set of work because I get easily influenced by new things.

What’s scary is that I could have been influenced by highly negative people as well. Like people who do drugs and stuff. However, I feel lucky that I don’t have those type of people in my life.

Most of it is due to my ability to choose the influence. Under the influence category, this is the most important thing that I recommend. Learning the ability to choose the influence. If not, you’ll be in danger of being influenced by negative people.

The difficult part of my journey comes here. I get influenced by anything that my mind thinks is positive. It’s a good thing, of course. But it doesn’t help you succeed at one thing you do. Once you’re influenced at something, you just shift to it leaving the other project or work behind.

I just thought of sharing my quick thought on influence because I have been writing this early and had nothing in mind. But what’s interesting is that this topic flowed naturally after I started writing. I think that’s the most convenient part of writing in the morning.

I’m extremely glad that I was able to write a blog post worthy of sharing in the last 14 minutes of my writing. If you can take something out of it, then it was a huge success. If not, thank you for reading. It really means a lot.

Have a good day!

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  1. Good thing I have stumbled again here in your blog. Whenever I feel uninspired, this is one of my go-to place in the internet. Thank you for your insights. Nice to know you are into photography! Saw your shots in twitter. I’m a fan 🙂