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Doing Lots of Different Things

I have been going through lots of change in my life right now. I’ve grown past my old self. Writing was very important goal for me some years ago. It still is, but other interests like photography and film-making is taking over it.

There’s always a change in perspective and interests in life. If not, we’d not grow.

For the past couple of months or even a year, I have been thinking that I have lost my ability to write. I was really good at it, and then I completely stopped after the earthquake. However, now that I think back, I don’t regret much.

First of all,  has enabled me to add skills to my portfolio. So now I have lots of skills under my belt.

I can’t see how it will be helpful for me right away. But I’m sure with time, those skills will help me to produce more contents out to the world.

For example, I have photography, videography, web design, etc under my belt. So, in the future, when I need to add those areas on my content, I won’t have to rely on others. I can do it by myself.

From most of 2012 to up until early 2015, my main focus was writing. I was doing a good job. I also focused on web designing and programming. That was what I’d do most of the time.

During that time, I was slowly getting into photography. I did have eye for photography before that, but I never invested in it. Having a friend who was into photography was a huge help. He was a catalyst on my journey of becoming a photographer.

After the earthquake, because of the panic and terror, I started to lose focus on my personal projects. I was just thinking about living my life. So, staying at one place was very hard for me. I then started traveling a lot with my friends. I would eat lunch and then move out.

During that time, I started taking lots of photographs. And since I wasn’t writing or working on web-designs, I started investing more time on it.

Slowly I started to make videos as well. Right now, most of it is private. But slowly, I hope to create nice videos to bring it out in the public.

As for photos, I’ve just been uploading on Instagram. It auto-shares on my Facebook account. The only problem is that it’s exposed to only my friends on Facebook. I want to reach out to more audience. So now I’m thinking of making my photography page and then post photos on Nepalese in Photography with my Facebook account. I’ll do that starting from January 1, 2017. That’s the plan.

I’m also thinking of posting link to the image from my website if that would help. I’ll see what I’ll do.

Right now, as I’m writing this, I feel like everything I’m writing here is irrelevant to the reader. It serves no purpose. It’s just my personal life rambling. Sometimes, I want to keep it. Sometimes, I think against it.

Starting today, I might ramble a bit more than usual until I find my voice. Until I figure out what to write or how to write or the perfect workflow.

I’m redesigning my website for sure. I’ll create a template and then work on making a homepage with photography as well. Let’s see how it will go. But I don’t have much time to do it. Just 1 month. I need to work hard!

Next project is to keep aside the best blog posts I’ve written and create an e-book which I could share it with my subscribers. That would be something. Or even post it on Amazon if possible. But I don’t know. Those are just some ideas I have in my mind.


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