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Create My Own Set of Reality

On August 1, 2014, I wrote that I'd write something everyday this month. I failed at it.

I didn't fail because of procrastination or other stuff along those line. I failed because I was sick. I couldn't open my laptop for a long time during this month. This is probably the first time I couldn't open my laptop because of sickness, and first time I failed at my blogging challenge.

I took bed rest the whole time. I had lots of time to contemplate about life and productivity.

I used to suck at blogging, but I stepped up and posted my views with the world.

I was getting better at it, but suddenly I stopped. I didn't stop because I was procrastinating or other elements along those lines; but because I had health problems which prevented me from using my laptop.

If I didn't have energy to come out of the bed, I wouldn't have energy to open my laptop and write. I'm barely writing this right now as well.

When I could write, I never realized how lucky I was to be able to write. I never realized how precious every count of my energy was.

When I was in bed, I was cursing my previous self for not realizing that I was wasting my hard earned time. Wasting my energetic time, which I could have used for doing lots of productive stuff. I could have programmed, blogged, learned, produced, designed, etc.

Instead of being on the side of production, I was on consumption. All the consumption material forced me to consume other people's reality. Instead of being on the side of consuming other's reality, I should have stepped up to create my own set of reality.

This is what I plan to do now: create my own set of reality. Formula is, of course, to produce and minimize consumption.

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