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Outlet For Your Work

Having an outlet for your work is extremely important. Especially, if you work on a creative field.

I don’t work much on a creative field except for web designing. However, for the past few months, I have been interested in photography.

I learned how to use a DSLR, and started taking lots of pictures.

There’s one thing missing, and it’s the outlet. I have been taking lots of pictures, and even editing it. But, there’s no outlet for all of it.

That’s making me stagnate. I am not making any progress because I am not receiving any feedbacks of my work.

All I do is post my mobile photography on Instagram. Some of my followers like it and that’s it.

I have been wanting to create an outlet for my photography work.

It’s not difficult to create an outlet, but the problem with me is that I’m trying to create a perfect outlet. I have been reminded time and again that outlet doesn’t matter as much as I think. It will work it’s way with time.

If I try to create a perfect workflow or outlet, I’ll be stuck where I am being able to do nothing. It’s similar to what people call the Analysis Paralysis. You just analyse everything, but do nothing in the end.

I have been thinking of removing the want to create a perfect outlet. Instead, create better work. Once I have that, I’ll be able to create a good outlet with time. I just need to share somewhere. Maybe my blog. Maybe Facebook.

That’s the final step, but very important. I have been missing out on it, but I hope to improve on it with time.

It’s same for everybody. You might be working on something, but you never put it out for the public to see. You’re making a huge mistake by doing so. You need to consider putting it somewhere, even if it’s not perfect.

Don’t stress too much on making it right the first time. It will slowly take it’s shape with time. Just focus on creating value, just like in business. The money and all other benefits will follow.

Keep creating, and sharing.

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