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Reactive State of Mind Kills Creativity and Production

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You can, for example, be the best in your field but lack the necessary skill to put it out for public to witness it.

And I believe, one skill that’s necessary for it is to be self sufficient and less reactive.

When I’m faced with a task to create something, I always enter the reactive state of mind, and think how people would judge my work.

While writing this very blog post, I’m thinking the same thing. What if my writing isn’t proper? What if my blog post is redundant? What if people will hate it? I have all sorts of doubt in me.

When I’m in that frame of mine, I can’t produce any creative work.

All creative works require you to be self sufficient first. Nobody can produce good writing by living in the reactive state of mind. It’s a bad frame of mind to live in.

Reactive here implies on being responsive to what others say or might say about your work. I used to be, and in some level, reactive to other people’s opinion or judgement about my work. But I’m learning to be self-sufficient and leave that state of mind. Instead of being reactive, I’m moving towards being proactive.

You can’t produce anything worth with that set of mind, just leave it and learn to be self-sufficient.

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