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I clicked on write a new post some time ago, and closed that window because I didn’t want to write anything.

I want to, but I can’t.

After sometime, I was like, “I don’t want to write, but let’s write anyway.”

It’s like there’s something stopping me from writing. Maybe my fear of writing a bad post keeps me from writing anything. I know I’m not writing these words out of inspiration. Rather, I’m writing these words, so that I can build my lost writing habits.

To me, it’s unbelievable and fascinating that I can write from the comfort of my room by pressing some keys on random order.

Just as I was writing, I started to edit it. I know I shouldn’t edit while I write. I have lots of time to edit after I finish writing this. But the perfectionist inside me doesn’t want to ship mediocre blog post. And I believe, that’s what’s keeping me from writing anything.

I should have been writing daily. I do write, but not on my blog. I’m continuing my writing streak, but I’m just not able to release it to the public.

The same was true with my photographs. I was able to create, but I couldn’t share. I was forever worried of sharing it with the world. I don’t know why. It’s either I want to post only the best work, or I’m too afraid that others will judge me based on my mediocre works.

I never found any solution to combat this problem. So, I thought about posting daily on my Instagram/Facebook. At the start of 2016, I started the photo challenge. It was simple. Just post one photo one day. I have been doing that until now.

I hope to do the same with my writing. Post one blog post everyday on my Facebook. Maybe that will help me open up a bit. And hopefully, my fear of posting will go away.

Until I can post anything that I want to the public, I won’t be able to make any significant change with my work.

What’s the use of the best photograph in the world if nobody can see it? What’s the use of your writing, if nobody can read it?

Thinking of this, I’m thinking of writing extremely bad posts. Just so that I won’t be paranoid about posting everyday. So that the perfectionist inside me will stop bugging me.

Anyway, what’s one area in your life that you are not able to move forward? What are you doing the combat those problems?

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