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Getting Published on VSCO Collection

Today morning I woke up with a notification from VSCO. It read, “Your image has been published to VSCO collection“.

I was happy. It made my morning.

But this is not the first time my image has been selected by VSCO. This is the third time my image was selected for the VSCO collection. I have received other e-mails from VSCO stating that my image was posted to show up in curated search results.

I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I think it’s where people find my image if they search for something. I guess they add a keyword for my image so that people can find it.

For example, if I post a photo of a bridge, they’ll probably make it available for people when they search ‘Bridge’ on the VSCO app or website.

Here’s the e-mail I received from them when my image was made available on curated search results:

 VSCO email - Your image has been selected to appear in curated search results

However, the email I receive when my image has been posted on VSCO collection is different. VSCO email - Your image has been curated to vsco selects

There’s ability for other VSCO users to follow you. After my image was published to a VSCO collection, many people followed me:



VSCO Notification

VSCO Notification

This motivates me to create more images from VSCO. I’m loving it more and more. The more I use it, the more my images are published to a collection and then more I want to post on it.

In my next post, I’ll explain how to get your images posted on VSCO and why I love VSCO so much. You can consider subscribing here if you don’t want to miss out those posts.

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