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Unplanned Photoshoot

Manish Suwal - It Was Unplanned Photoshoot

Manish Suwal

Usually I shoot photos, but today I got my photo taken. It was unplanned photoshoot. I was taking pictures, and asked if my picture was possible, and just took it.

I went through it, and didn’t like it much. So, just converted it to Black and White from the VSCO mobile app. Before that, I used preset from Adobe Lightroom. I use lots of VSCO film presets.

This is the first time I’m posting image as a primary source of blog post. So, I’m not sure how this will display on the blog.

Whatever happens, this is the start. I want to move further with this. Post one photo per day or something along those lines. I have lots of photo to edit, but not enough time.

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