Journal About Our Recent Trip To ‘Jamacho Gumba’

I have been actively adding photos on my VSCO account. The more I use VSCO, the more I love it.

I love posting photos on VSCO. When I have lots of photos of the same event, I consider posting it on my Journals. In the same way, I posted journal about our recent trip to 'Jamacho Gumba.'

Getting Published on VSCO Collection

Today morning I woke up with a notification from VSCO. It read, "Your image has been published to VSCO collection". I was happy. It made my morning. But this is not the first time my image has been selected by VSCO. This is the third time my image was selected for the VSCO collection. I have…

Unplanned Photoshoot

Manish Suwal - It Was Unplanned Photoshoot

Manish Suwal

Usually I shoot photos, but today I got my photo taken. It was unplanned photoshoot. I was taking pictures, and asked if my picture was possible, and just took it.

I went through it, and didn't like it much. So, just converted it to Black and White from the VSCO mobile app. Before that, I used preset from Adobe Lightroom. I use lots of VSCO film presets.

This is the first time I'm posting image as a primary source of blog post. So, I'm not sure how this will display on the blog.

Whatever happens, this is the start. I want to move further with this. Post one photo per day or something along those lines. I have lots of photo to edit, but not enough time.