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2016 started and I missed the first two days of blogging.

Usually I freak out if I won’t write anything on the first two days of the new year. It would  be a great start of the year and help me kick start my daily writing habits. But I removed those possibilities by not writing in the first two days. And it has made me happier.

Living with possibility only drains your willpower and attention, because you don’t know if you’ll work on it or not.

New year is just a motivation to start something. It’s like a little push. But you can’t keep moving with motivation. It doesn’t last forever.

You need fuel to move ahead. The fuel here is habit. Without habit, motivation is useless. This explains why people start new years resolutions and quit it very fast. It’s because they don’t build habits first.

You need to build habits first and then motivation, not the other way around.

Habits help you stick on your goal. Motivation only helps you start.

Not writing anything on new year has eliminated any pressure on my side. Now I can consider building habits, which will enable me to make use of motivation.

If you made new years resolution, then that’s fine. You’re probably working on it right now. It’s only been three days. Keep in mind that you’ll eventually stop working on your goals. That’s the time when you need to step up and start building your habits.

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  1. I am working on tyinrg to eat healthier by making smarter choices and planning. If you don’t plan then you have the fast food rest. knocking on your door. I also plan on preparing and eating fresh foods and stay away from the processed foods as much as possible. My son who watched Food Inc. even suggests we try and purchase our fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market and not the grocery store. I am also tyinrg to incorporate working out at least 5 times a week. Whether it is bootcamp, running, biking or even walking the dog. If you throw exercise into your daily schedule, I think it helps you clear your mind and helps you eat healthier and feel better about yourself overall. You always feels better after a good work out and good healthy food. (I believe it gives you more energy). One last thing I am going to incoporate into my daily life is a positive and healthy mind set of the way I think.