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Rolling Back To How It All Started

I didn’t have any writing habits before 2012, that was before I met Niall.

I did start a free blog on WordPress with an idea to collect quotes. I received that idea from my Facebook friend Tyler Clatanoff. He had made a website named–which doesn’t exist anymore–which he used to collect his favourite quotes.

I thought of doing the same and started collecting quotes on I tried writing blog posts, but couldn’t do it better. I used to copy paste from other blogs to help me write.

I met Niall in 2012 when he was traveling Nepal. While meeting him, he agreed to buy me a domain and host my blog. I went with the domain

He told me to blog twice a week in the beginning. It was a must. He would check every week.

That was probably the first time I started writing. I had lots of pressure on me to write.

My writing wasn’t as good. I used to have hard time trying to put my thoughts into words. But slowly, with time, I started getting better at it.

I watched him blog everyday, and was inspired to do so. I even saw him release book. So that gave me a huge dose of inspiration. From that time onwards, I started writing a lot.

As I kept on writing, I became good at it. I read other blogs and started taking it seriously. It was coming to me naturally.

I thought I’d never stop writing. I didn’t for some years. But then in 2015, I completely lost it. I don’t know how or why.

I’m trying to figure it out myself. A huge shift happened in early 2015 when Radhika presented me her thoughts over a Skype call. I was writing everyday, and told her how difficult it was to get a good idea everyday. She told me to think about my end goal. Why am I blogging?

It was because I wanted to get my thoughts out. My idea out which would help other people, at least in a small way.

She told me that writing is not the only way. I could do that by talking, or making videos as well. I thought it was true. I could start a podcast and other people could hear my ideas.

So, I stopped writing and instead, focused on doing something else.

My writing had gone downhill during this time. After some months, we were hit by a mega earthquake, which made it impossible to write at the time. And then I didn’t write at all.

It’s like I forgot how to write. When I read my old writings, I feel as though another smart person wrote it. I miss those days when I could write so great posts.

So, I’m going back to those days. Those days when I first started writing. I will keep Niall’s words in my mind, “At least write 2 posts a week.”

That will help me roll. And I need to gain that momentum. Or at the very least, I need to show up. That’s it.

I remember reading Tynan‘s blog for motivation as well.

Doing what I did before. I’m rolling back to how it all started.

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