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Just Start Again

It happens over and over again. I’m starting to see the pattern. As soon as I miss a day, I start to feel demotivated to work on my goals.

Most of the time, that single day is responsible for making me skip another day, and slowly my habit starts to downfall.

It was very difficult for me to write a blog post yesterday. I was sure to miss and I missed it. And today I started to feel like not writing this blog post because I missed yesterday anyway.

However, since I have understood the phenomenon through which I operate, I thought of writing anyway. If I don’t, I’m sure to stop writing again.

So, anytime I create a habit of building something, I make sure to work on it even if I miss a day. Of course, I try not to miss even a single day. But sometimes, it happens. And I’ve learned not to make a huge deal out of it.

Just start again.

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