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Wrong Decision is Better Than No Decision

Usually we avoid making decision when we are unsure of the immediate environment and outcome of the event. We don’t want to make wrong decision. So we stay on the safe side and not make any decision, or just wait for the perfect moment to make the right decision. But in general practice, wrong decision is better than no decision.

This starts to become a habit. You just become indecisive over a period of time.

It recently occurred to me that I am very indecisive, mostly while ordering food. I’m always worried that I’ll make the wrong food choice. So I let my friends or family choose a meal for me. I’m like that most of the time.

At first, it was to avoid making wrong decision. But it starts to become a habit. I just go to a restaurant and wait for my friend to order it for me. I’m afraid of my own choice.

There could be some events that triggered this to happen. I might have ordered a food I didn’t like and had to regret my decision. Or I ordered and later come across another delicious food on the menu. There are countless scenarios that could have occurred which triggered indecisiveness on me.

Restaurant and food is just an example. You might be indecisive on other areas of your life. You might or you might not realize, but when you do, the better option is to just make a decision.

I think that’s why we require to try out different elements before we become better at deciding for ourselves. If you’ve never dated anyone how will you ever figure out who’s right for you? You’ll just settle with someone who approaches you first. To get better at it, you need to date someone you don’t like so you can get closer to what you like & prefer in relationship. 

The more you make the wrong decision, the more likely you are to be better at making good decision. So instead of being indecisive and making no decision, just make a decision even if it happens to be a wrong one. 

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