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Money is a Lethal Form of Motivation

You make significant progress while following a set of goal that your heart desires, but you will lose focus if you ruin your passion.

……… and that’s the major problem which all of us deal with at one point or the other.

There are lots of stuff that can ruin your passion. The most dangerous of them all is money.

When you first work for your passion, you are self motivated. You have a set of disciple which works for you because you are passionate about the work you’re performing.

However, if you start to receive monetary rewards for the work you do, money starts to work as a form of motivation. It starts to take the place of self motivation.

It’s so lethal that it removes all the self motivation from your life and occupy it’s space.

And if monetary reward starts to dry up somehow, you lose motivation. You never feel like working on that project again.

For example, I’m starting 365 photo project, which means that I’ll be taking one photo and posting it on instagram and on my blog everyday for the rest of the year. I’m doing this with my own interest and I’m self motivated to work on it.

Let’s say, someone starts to pay me some amount of money for doing this project.

The moneytary benefit I receive will start to push away the self interest and self motivation which I cultivated while starting 365 photo project.

And if that person stops paying me for doing this project, then I’ll lose interest in the project altogether. Which means that I’ll stop working on the project.

If I hadn’t received moneytary rewards while working on the project, I would be working on it with my own self interest and not with the motivation set by monetary rewards.

Money is silent a killer and it’s the most lethal form of motivation. It kills your motivation and self interest.

If you let it occupy you, it will destroy you.

That’s why it’s very important that you don’t take any monetary rewards while you first start out on project. With time, it can probably be a viable option, but at the beginning, it’s very dangerous and useless to take any monetary rewards.

Always keep in mind that you either cultivate self interest and let motivation rise from there or you let other external force cultivate interest and motivation.

As far as you can, always stay away from monetary rewards because money is a lethal form of motivation.


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