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Celebrate Small Victories

Manish Suwal, Aayush Chakradhar, Rubi Maharjan and Jenish Prajapati Celebrating Victory at Bhaktapur

Some years ago, I wished to have my own blog. But I couldn’t afford or pay for the hosting and domain because I didn’t have Credit or Debit cards. Nor did I have PayPal. It was extremely difficult to pay for hosting and domain. And even if I could, it was pretty expensive for me. I couldn’t pay the recurring fee every year.

As a result, I never had a blog. I would read other people’s blog and dream to reach their level someday.

Having a blog would be the first step to reach their level. But I couldn’t afford or pay for it.

Fast forward some years and I’m here writing on my blog. It’s normal for me right now. I don’t feel very privileged or lucky to have a blog. There are probably millions of blog out there. Sometimes, I write just because I have to.

I wanted some readers who would read what I’d write. Now I have it. But I don’t seem to care about it anymore. I never celebrated the victory, because it never seemed like one.

I lost love for small victories while focusing entirely on big goals.

The only way I can reach those goals is by going through these small victories. And I feel like it’s important that you celebrate those small victories.

It motivates you to go further. Inspires you to stay focused on your goal. And you’ll be able to align yourself with your life goal.

Right this very minute, I’m celebrating the victory. The victory to have my own blog, to have readers who’d read my post.

This would have been a major victory some years back. But now, it’s getting smaller.

By all means, celebrate small victories. Without it, you won’t be able to motivate yourself further to pursue your dreams or goals.

With time, your victory gets smaller and smaller. So celebrate before it doesn’t seem like victory anymore.

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