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Starting With The Habit Sheet

I researched about The Habit Sheet yesterday and I’ve been using it from today. If I wait for the perfect time, I know I will never start. So, I started it right away.

I don’t have anything in it. I’m only looking into the structure and I’ll need to fill it up by myself. Right now, nothing that I’m telling might make sense to you. So, I’m posting the picture of the sheet below for you to view it.

The Habit Sheet - Manish Suwal

The Habit Sheet – Manish Suwal

That’s the Habit Sheet I’ve been using today. The things that I’ve filled is not complete. I need to change it. However, that’s how it looks. The default habit sheet template looks something like this.

The Habit Sheet Default Template

The Habit Sheet Default Template

I’m looking at the default habit sheet template and making changes on my own. I need to personalize it for myself.

Most people think that we need to complete everything in order to become productive. But that’s wrong. First of all, all of us are different. No two people are the same. I will have my weakness and strengths and so will you.

I might design the habit sheet in my order, and that might not work for you. If you try to force yourself to complete all my tasks, you might burn out pretty fast.

It’s like comparing an Elephant and a Monkey by the ability to climb a tree. You can’t simply judge it. There’s a vast difference between them. So, comparing those two animals by the ability to climb a tree is simply not fair.

In the same way, you need to design the habit sheet on your own strengths and weakness. Not on mine.

The default template the habit sheet gives us is just a direction for our own habit sheet. Just use it as a reference.

In the beginning, I think, the most important habit to set would be to fill out the habit sheet everyday. If you forget to do that, then the habit sheet will be of no use to you. So, the first habit itself is to post on habit sheet everyday.

For that, don’t keep too many habits on your sheet. Just add “Track on Habit Sheet” and then start. I need to do that myself, but I’m not doing that right now because I’m getting this writing done. I’ll do that after I complete this.

I need to design it for myself. It will take time. I think some weeks. After that, it’ll be easy for me.

I fell into the trap of being productive from the first day today itself. I had a productive morning. I didn’t wake up early, but after that, I killed it. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, groomed myself, drank water, went out for a walk, ran, socialized, met friends, made video on Snapchat. Did lots of stuff. I usually don’t do that often.

So, I need to consider taking it slow. Just now, as I was writing this, my friend called me. I think I need to keep my phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode before writing. Phone calls distract me and I can’t get into the flow of writing properly again.

Some days ago, I was talking about a problem I had about meeting friends vs working on my morning goals. And I think I found a sweet spot to make both of them work. I can keep “Walking + Meeting Friends” in my morning goals. That would make it work. I go for a walk every morning and I can meet my friends during that time.

However, I need to wake up a little early to make this work. Right now, I’m waking after 7AM or 8AM, I need to wake up at 5AM or 6AM from now onwards. I’m trying to wake up at 6AM in the morning. That way, I’ll have completed all my works in the morning and then I can do whatever I want for sometime.

I’ll come back for lunch and then work again. That’s going to be helpful for me in the long run. I have many projects on pending.

My main goal for the day would be to create the habit sheet for myself. I’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday I had a thought about writing about taking hold of the time. Either time takes hold of you or you take hold of time. If you’re not conscious of your time, the time will take hold of you. If you’re conscious, then you will take hold of the time.

I wanted to elaborate, but I’m done with writing this today. So, if I remember, I’ll elaborate tomorrow, or else, I’ll write something new. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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