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Oh well, waking up early has it’s benefits. But I have been attached to my own morning routine.

If I were to follow the habit sheet, I was to wake up at 6AM and gradually work my way upwards. But instead, I woke up at 6:15AM and then did my morning ritual. It’s not compulsory that I need to follow the exact same process all the time. I could consider tweaking it to my needs as well.

I probably didn’t get enough sleep today because I slept late yesterday. I’m feeling dizzy somewhere. And trying to disrupt this state is going to take some time.

Some time ago, I had a realization that I shouldn’t wake up too early because my whole day becomes unproductive. I feel dizzy and sleeping the whole day and can’t get anything done. But I’m not sure.

I get sick pretty quick when I don’t get enough sleep. And my stomach wasn’t right yesterday night. I felt like puking whole night. It’s because of my irregular eating habits. And there are some foods I shouldn’t touch, which I always ignore.

Today is Saturday, I have whole day to do anything that I want. I’m thinking of working on writing this and then doing something else. After that, I’ll get a quick lunch and probably move out with my friend. I’m thinking of going somewhere today.

I’m not sure what I’ll do, but before all that, I need to kill this 1 hour session. I’m sorry that I forgot to track when I started all this.

I’m also coming into the realization that I need to post something on Evernote as well. All the super personal stuff. I have stopped posting on Evernote and I feel bad about it. Just a photo and simple journals.

Anyway, today is a good day, I’m thinking of just going with the flow. I’m slowly customizing the habit sheet to help me move ahead.


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