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Human Interaction Is More Important

Interaction with human is infinitely better than technology.

Technology is only of use when it enables you to create and use it for productive work. Most use it for consuming purpose, which isn’t bad, but that shouldn’t be the default.

We all use technology, but mostly for consuming. To some extent consumption through technology is also necessary in this day and age. However, using technology solely for consuming should never be the default state.

That’s when you should realize you’re on the wrong side of the equation and work towards using it in a more productive manner.

We often fail to socialize because technology enables us to socialize through the internet. For example, you can play games, create a team, level up and talk with friends over voice chat. It provides the feeling of socialization and meets our social requirement. In return, we completely avoid the real human to human interaction. Which makes us feel less and less connected with the society. That’s when we start feeling depressed and anxiety kicks in.

For hundreds—if not thousands—of years human evolved as a social animal who live in tribe. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive because of the wild. We can’t simply withdraw that programming from our DNA. 

So we should prioritize human interaction instead of technology. At least, that’s what I believe until now.

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