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How to Be Productive with Cell Phone

Today, one year ago, I purchased a cell phone. I was scared to buy any cell phone. I was aware that I couldn’t produce anything through it, only consume. And I did everything to stop consumption–stopped watching TV–before that.

I needed a cell phone, but I didn’t want it because it had more disadvantages compared to advantages.

I was aware of advantages as well. For example, take quick photos, start 1 second everyday project, write ideas, learn new language through Duolingo, learn new words through Anki flash card, read books through mobile Kindle application, track time, track finance etc.

But it wasn’t hard to enter consumption mode after you have cell phone. So, I thought of making a rule for myself. And during that time, I wrote a blog post–how to be productive with cell phone–which I didn’t post. Now after a year, I think there’s something valuable in it. So, I’m posting it. Here it goes:

How I plan to use Cell Phone:

Only use cell phone for learning or creating. By creating, I mean sound recording my thoughts, video to make myself confident over camera’s and writing quotes. Also, I can consider creating a to-do list everyday which will sync with the cloud so that I can access anywhere.

Only install learning Apps:

  • Duolingo
  • Anki
  • Kindle
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Dictionary

If low on energy, then listen to podcast or watch insightful documentary videos. I keep videos of Social Dynamics on my mobile and podcasts about productivity.

Don’t keep any apps that waste time or makes you consume. Strictly, no games. Games are very dangerous, they suck you in and you won’t be aware of the time. No social media. If you need to use social media, use it through your mobile browser by typing the URL.

I actually installed Facebook at one point, because I couldn’t resist it. With time, I figured that I don’t post anything on Facebook, but I use it regularly.

You can use Facebook for production as well. Writing status that matters, or even writing journals or blogs.

Either use Facebook for production or don’t use it. I wasn’t producing, so I thought of removing it. It’s very distracting, so I recommend everyone to remove it. If you are afraid of not replying your friends, check up on your e-mail. Facebook sends e-mail when you have important notifications and messages. That’s what I do. If there’s anything that needs my attention, Facebook will e-mail me. Which means, I don’t go to Facebook, I get notification on my e-mail.

Same for other social medias.

When purchasing cell phone, make sure you use it for your improving yourself and producing, instead of other way around.

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