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Mentor or an Accountability Partner

It’s easy to create a goal for yourself, but hard to execute it. Most of the time, you just need to use your willpower to accomplish the goal. However, there are times when your sheer willpower won’t make a difference. That’s when you need a mentor or an accountability partner.

Until few years ago, I used to create a goal for myself and execute it. I wouldn’t succeed at all the tasks, but I’d at least reach somewhere close to it. It’s been couple of years that I’ve not been able to kickstart any projects or complete previous projects that I started. Nothing works.

My doctor recommended me to see a psychologist. I met psychologist few times and I’ve already started seeing some changes in me. This blog post wouldn’t have been possible without his help. He’s like a mentor and accountability partner for me. He asks me some questions, figures out my pain points and helps me solve those problems.

I meet him every week. I have set of problems that I want to improve upon. He helps me tackle all those problems one by one on every visit.

I’ve been struggling for a long time is waking up early. I tend to wakeup, but use smartphone on bed until I feel sleepy and sleep until late hours. My problem was using the smartphone. He asked me to come up with solutions for the problem.

Note that he didn’t provide solutions, but asked me to tell him the possible solutions. He’s making me think of solution which will be feasible according to me. That’s usually the problem with other advice givers. They give the same general advice to everybody and it doesn’t work because it’s not customized for every person.

I provided solutions: read book, deep breathing and counting backwards to fall asleep. That actually worked. However, I still fail at it sometimes. I’m more aware of it and that’s what matters.

After that, the next was occupying myself in the morning. Doing something productive. For me productive was writing journal, updating website and creating portfolio – photos and videos. Today I wrote on 750words and then started writing blog post on my website – this website.

I’m happy that it’s working for me and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my psychologist. Maybe you are struggling with something and you can’t get to overcome it. If that’s the case for a long time, maybe it’s helpful if you see a mentor or create an accountability partner.

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