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The Habit Sheet and Productivity 365

I love being productive. I have consumed lots of information products about productivity. Recently, I joined a productivity group on Facebook by Niall Doherty. It’s amazing. I get lots of ideas from there. You can join the group here: Productivity 365.

While going through the group, I found Niall’s habit tracking sheet. I was aware, but never thought of using it. It’s a google sheet where you can track your daily habits. I liked the idea.

However, someone mentioned about The Habit Sheet in the comments. I’ve been playing with the idea of using it.

I woke up pretty late last night because I was excited to see the habit sheet.

The habit sheet was made in google sheet. So, I’ll need to use google sheets in order to use it. The user has already made a template which we can use.

I haven’t researched a lot about it. Just found out yesterday. It’s in my todo list for today to learn to use it properly. I hope to use it everyday.

I started the day with meditation. Usually I wake up, brush my teeth, drink water and take a walk. I squeezed meditation in it today. I use HeadSpace app for meditation.

I have purchased membership for one year. Actually I asked them for a membership during the Earthquake, and they were happy to provide me with it.

I was working on it daily, but with time, I lost interest in it. And I’m not thinking of starting it again.

Today morning also I was faced with the same problem as yesterday. My friend called me early morning and asked if he could meet me. I wanted to give time for myself in the morning. But anyway, I agreed. I was supposed to be writing this then, but I couldn’t because I met my friend.

It’s always the same thing for me. Someone disturbs me while I’m doing my work. However, today I didn’t see meeting my friend as a disruption to my morning routine. I viewed it as an enhancement.

I need to walk every morning. So, instead of walking alone, I can walk with my friends or walk to their place. I meet them and then come back for lunch. That’s a good thing. I’m using external circumstance in my favour, instead of it moving against me.

So, my routine will look something like this: wake up, brush teeth, drink water, meditate, stretch/exercise, write, go for a walk and then come back for lunch.

If I wake up late, then I won’t be able to write, so will need to write after lunch, like what I’m doing currently. It’s 11:57 AM right now. I should have written this early morning.

Anyway, I got time to meet my friends, which is a good thing.

I used to use OmniFocus, for my workflow as well. It’s been sometime I haven’t used it. I plan on using it again. I’ll use it and the habit tracking google spreadsheet.

I wanted to start from December 1st, but thought about creating momentum on December and starting from January 1st.

I’m starting to feel tired. Hope these things will work out soon. Bye for now!

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