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I realized today how much of a negative impact gadgets like iPhone has on my life and why we need to stop using smartphone mindlessly.

When I didn’t have smartphone, I would wake up, freshen up, view the sunshine and enjoy the morning.

But after I started using smartphone, which was way back, I started changing my morning habits. The change has been very harmful for me. I don’t wake up right away. I spend around an hour in the mobile phone just surfing apps. When I wake up, I don’t feel fresh. I’m fully tired and groggy.

When I first decided to get a smartphone, it was because of the access it provided me to all the apps, which made my life easier and organized. I wanted to track lots of stuff, take pictures, create a schedule, etc. But now, I do none of that and I’m simply distracted by my smartphone.

I spend roughly about 80% of the day on my mobile phone. This is crazy. And I usually don’t write anything here on my blog because of the smartphone.

Just waking up early without my smartphone has made such a huge impact on my morning already. I’m more productive. I complete all my morning routine.

So, my main focus is going to be to stop using smartphone in the morning or any other time. I use it only with a purpose. So for that reason I’m deleting useless apps.

Most of addiction occurs unconsciously. I was unconscious of smartphone taking over my life. It might be taking over your life too. Have you ever thought about it? If not, maybe now is the time to do it.



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