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Time To Switch

There’s lots of time to relax if you want to. There’s lots of time to get angry. But there’s very less time for you to do any significant thing in this world. Time is moving very fast.

I’ve been angry at lots of stuff all my life. I’ve been angry at people that love me. I’ve thrown tantrums at them.

But what did I receive in the long run?


It only hurt the other person.

Instead of being angry all the time, start thinking how it will help you in the long run. How will any action you perform help you or the world in the long run.

If you like to be angry, fine. There’s lots of time to be angry in your life. You can be angry your whole life. But instead, choose to control your anger and bring positivity in your life for now. At least this moment. See what happens when you control yourself.

I have procrastinated all my life. I can choose to do nothing and still the time will pass. I will be dead someday achieving nothing that I want. But instead, using the same analogy, what if I choose to work and see what happens. The time will pass whatever I do.

I have all the time in the world to procrastinate. Now, I’ll work hard and see what happens. It’s time to switch to positivity and hard work.

Come from the mind of abundance. And then, start using it to bring positivity in your life.

That’s how you build a solid work ethic. That’s how you change the world around you, at least in a small way. Let’s start 2015!

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