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Stop Thinking!

Stop Thinking

Not until recently, I figured out that ‘thinking’ was draining my energy, and keeping me away from tranquility. I’m having problem because I keep thinking a lot. My brain keeps thinking on auto-pilot 24 hours – except when I sleep (Maybe it keeps thinking even when I’m sleeping. I don’t know.). Most of those thoughts are irrelevant to me, both in the long term and short term.

Good thoughts take time to come up and when they do, it’s very difficult to recognize. It takes lots of practice. I’ve made mistake of leaving lots of good thoughts behind, because of lack of my experience with thoughts.

This habit has recently made it really difficult to live. Reason being:

  1. Most of the thoughts are irrelevant to me.
  2. I can’t concentrate solely on one thing.
  3. I’m inefficient.

If I’ve ever learned something by thinking, it’s that, silence(without thinking anything) is the most difficult thing to attain.

“Silence is a source of Great Strength.” ― Lao Tzu

If you can keep your mind calm and silent, you can always stay happy and live in ultimate state of joy. I’m unhappy because my brain keeps thinking on auto-pilot every time.

I still struggle to keep my brain silent. Every morning while I close my eyes and try to focus on my breath, I fail. I’m not even able to keep my brain silent for 3 minutes, let alone for a day.

After constant struggle to find tranquility I figured out that focusing on only one particular thing works. For example: Running. If you keep running, you’ll be out of  breath. You can’t think of anything except breathing.

When we pay close attention to something, we are solely dedicated to it, which will stop our mind from wandering around.

So, if there’s something that I’ve learned in life by thinking; it’s that, it’s not hard to dream big and come up with good ideas, but it’s hard to make your brain silent and calm.

The biggest thing I struggle with is not being able to live without thinking. (To Stop Thinking)

Whenever I succeed at it, I’ll have achieved one the the most important goal in my life.

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