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Choosing New Theme For This Blog

I am choosing new theme for this blog. I originally had the default twentyfifteen WordPress theme.

Before I even had this domain, I was inspired by Caroline Moore. She has a personal blog where she posts everything about her daily life. She blogs at When I looked at her blog, I loved it. That’s when I wanted to have my own personal blog.

So to make myself feel better, I chose the same theme she uses to run It’s the “Circa” WordPress theme by Automattic.

I’m not sure that I’ll use this theme forever, but I like the start. The problem I see is in the featured image. It shrinks the dimensions of my original image.

For now, this is how it looks: Using The Circa WordPress Theme

Edit 2016-01-03: This was my another blog. I imported these articles from that blog, so this blog post “Choosing New Theme For This Blog” showed up. I haven’t changed the theme in this blog, and it remains the same.


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