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Joined Gym after 2010

I feel good. It’s usually the case. At first, anything can be fun. But it requires consistent effort to gain goals of any type.

It’s the same today. I feel good but it could just be because it’s the first day in a new place and environment. However, there are 3 specific activities that might have contributed to it.

  1. Very low intensity exercise. I just hopped on elliptical for 15 minutes (level 10 max) as suggested by the trainer. Then cycle for 10 minutes (level 10 max.) Finally treadmill for 15 minutes (level 5 max.) I didn’t want to push hard on the first day and have sore body making it difficult to visit the next day.
  2. Sauna. I don’t know much about the benefits of sauna but I feel like it helped my muscle relax. Also the hot air helped my sore throat and runny nose. Stayed there for maybe 15 minutes.
  3. Showering after light workout exercise and sauna felt very different. My body felt lighter and fresh.

So I think these things contributed to a positive experience on the first day of gym.

Let’s see how it goes. I’m very much focused on being consistent rather than anything else. Even if I don’t feel like doing any form of exercise, I plan to at least go for sauna or steam and shower. So that way I’ll still be present on the gym regardless of my fatique problems.

It’s “Cage Total Fitness” gym . I didn’t have any specific gym in mind. My good friend Sareesha was already using this gym so I went through her recommendation. I’m more positive about the gym because of sauna/steam/shower. Usually the local gym just have equipments and I feel dirty walking out. Here I feel fresh leaving the gym.

I also enjoyed the friendly trainer who listened to my fatique issues and made plans for my workout accordingly. I haven’t asked his name yet. Need to learn to do that naturally when I meet a new person. It gets awkward as time moves on.

Last time I joined gym was back in 2010. I don’t remember why I left. And 13 years later, today I joined again. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. Just worried about getting sick and stopping it altogether. It happens very often, and I think for most people. You get sick & just stop going for couple of days and you don’t feel like going anymore. That will very likely happen with me, but I’m very much focused on not letting that happen. Even if i take couple of days break, I plan to go back as soon as possible.
I paid 5500 today itself as a commitment. Very less likely to miss if I have paid for something. 6500 with 15% discount through Sareesha’s recommendation. Just writing figures for future reference.

That’s it for today. I felt like writing something again since I started going to the gym. Let’s also try to continue writing everyday. Doesn’t have to be good to begin with. Just journals.

Thank you for reading, it means a lot.

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