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I hate the blog post I wrote yesterday.

It was uninteresting, had no underlying lessons, and was just a waste of a blog post.

However, I don’t regret it though.

My first instinct was to delete the post, or write again. I didn’t do both. Instead, I thought of posting it as it is.

It’s because this blog is not a place of excellence where I post only the high quality content. This is a place where I improve myself with time.

I didn’t want to write a blog post yesterday. But I wrote it anyway. I wrote it because I want to be consistent with writing blog, even if it’s not up to the mark.

I wrote yesterday, and I’m happy today. If I need to improve yesterday’s blog post, I’ll write another. So that I can view my journey.

This is something I have been struggling for a long time. Whether to post high quality content or to post everything that’s on my mind. Usually, it’s a good idea to post only high quality content if you are building a blog for a specific audience, but I’m planning against it.

This is my blog and this is where I grow and improve myself with time. And I want it to be a visual representation of my growth.

You can look back and read my previous blog posts. It shows how far I have come.

I recently watched Julien Blanc’s video about being attracted with the new and then losing interest over time. That’s true for me as well. I have been interested in many things and even tried accomplishing them. I accomplished them, but didn’t stay consistent in them.

Now I’m having hard time trying to catch up with my past self. I did it with programming and writing.

I was way better programmer and writer some years ago than I am now. Currently, I’m having to go through this unnecessary stress to catch up unto that.

I’m now planning to move ahead by being consistent with everything and improving along with the blog.

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