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Busy Without Actually Being Busy

When I didn’t have a cell phone, I would just think about a topic and dwell on it. That would make it easier for me to write something the other day.

But now, I have been distracted by my cell phone. Either I’m using my laptop or cell phone. I don’t have free time for myself. I’m busy without actually being busy.

Today I decided to ditch my cell and just take a walk.

I figured out what was stopping me from coming up with good ideas. It was my cell phone. I kept using it so much that I didn’t have time to think of anything else.

That’s one reason why my writing has gone downhill for the past couple of weeks. I’m struggling to come back to my previous tempo.

In default mode, I would come up with ideas and write. But now, the default mode is to use cell phone.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been paying attention on maintenance: how I can keep up with my previous self.

Most of it went on analyzing my habits, like this one – using cell phone mindlessly.

So, I’m aware of pretty much everything that I need to work on. Now only if I could step up and improve on it….

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