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Avoiding the Downfall Chain

I was about to not write anything today. I’m very sick. I can barely lift my hands and fingers to type this. My head hurts as hell. I had severe stomach pain last night and today I woke up tired and without energy. I should be taking rest.

I have been writing everyday and I was sure I’d miss today with this condition. But instead of leaving today, I thought of writing anyway. The main reason I’m writing is that if I miss today, I’ll miss tomorrow. If I’ll feel bad tomorrow, I won’t write again. And the downfall chain will continue.

If I work or write even when I’m sick, I’m more likely to write when I’m not sick. It’s all about pushing myself. I’ll at least have a good start to the day by writing something.

I will, of course, take rest after writing this and make sure I get plenty of rest.

I was thinking that if I step up and write when I’m sick, I’ll automatically be motivated to write when I’m not sick, considering the fact that I pushed myself even when I wasn’t in proper condition to write.

My head hurts and my back is paining. I should stop now.

But always push yourself when things are tough. Do your work when you don’t feel like doing. That’s what sets apart you from the rest of the world.

Successful people start when they lose hope, when everything is against them, when there are numerous hurdles to pass. If you can stand tall during this time, you can surely move ahead strong.

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