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Cope With Emotional Instability

I am emotionally unstable. I don’t remember the last time ‘happiness’ was my baseline in life.

Usually ‘happiness’ should be our default state in life. But we go through lots of situations in life that makes it difficult for us to stay happy.

I often experience difficulty while becoming emotionally stable.

If, for example, some one close to me leaves, I feel lonely. It’s natural to feel lonely, of course. But what I’m trying to explain is it takes some weeks for you to feel normal again.

After that, you start to feel normal and you’re back enjoying your life. You feel a sense of comfort that stays with you. A sense of feeling that makes you feel at home.

I’m starting to view that experience as some independent feeling which helps us cope with emotional instability. And in viewing it that way has helped me understand a bit about human psychology and emotion.

If you feel lonely today because someone close to you left, you’ll need some time to recover, and then you get that feeling. The feeling that makes you feel at home all the time.

You could travel to the other part of world today and feel at home after some weeks. You definitely won’t feel at home as soon as you start living there. It will take time.

What comforts me is in knowing that there is this coping mechanism in humans which helps you overcome any obstacle or horrible situations.

It’s there, it always will be. You just need to be a little patient.

I hope to research more on it and hopefully find a name to that mechanism. I’m not sure if there’s a name, but I hope so.

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